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Ancestor Doll

Mary Jane Jones, the mother of Annie Jane, traveled from Nettleshire, England to settle in Grouse Creek, Utah. In her memory, a doll sits on my shelf to remind me of my heritage. On her apron is her name and birth date. Mary Jane fed her daugther one egg a day from her only chicken, so I included an egg with the doll. Each 12 inch doll comes with braided hair, matching dress and bonnet, embroidered apron with your ancestor's name, pantaloons, slip, black leather boots, and doll stand. If you'd like to customize your doll with special features that characterize your ancestor and country, use the contact us form, include your order number, and we'd be happy to personalize the doll at no extra charge.


dolls are available with light, medium or dark skin tones



*Customize your ancestor doll:

  • by calling 1-801-949-8669;8-7 p.m. MST
  • or send an email to our doll designer;
  • or include your email address and instructions with your order.

Please include your order number and ancestor name.


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